Thursday, March 1, 2007

Love and other impossible/important pursuits

I was sitting on the subway and in front of me sat a woman reading a book named "Love and other impossible pursuits", needless to say that it captured me..

It's a fiction book, though I've never read it, I already got a lot from it! this sentence just sent me straight to an ocean of thoughts. how true it is and still those pursuits are very important.

It's a known fact that you should work hard for certain things, that they are the purpose of living. what's not so known is that you might not be able to have those things in your lifetime... it doesn't matter to the fact that you should still try, cause that's what counts!

I'm not talking about a partner for life or kids etc. I'm talking about being a good person. you try hard and put your soul into it, but you still find yourself wondering how did you get so low. but this thought is the one to cheer you up (and me ;-)). as long as you keep trying you are worth it!!

Warm regards,

Monday, February 19, 2007


I feel like I'm on the verge of a "Great Depression", and the easiest thing would be to let go. but I'm trying to fight it with wishing! instead of saying to myself "what do you live for?" "what use are you to the world?", I try to wish that one day I'll have a reason to live and my presence on this world would help someone.

I grew up learning that living for yourself isn't a good enough reason to live. and even though I know that you have to take care of yourself, it's still not the main purpose.

Some people told me that I take it too hard on myself, but seeing how people act these days doesn't really attract me to change my ways..

As usual I'm falling right into philosophical thoughts.

My point here is to keep wishing, and I write it over here so I won't back-out. I promise myself "I'll keep holding on!!"

Smiling by choice,

Monday, January 29, 2007

New York City - First Snow

First real snow on new york city this year, I've decided to go
and get some coffee and donuts. it's really beautiful out there.
I tried to catch some snow flakes to see their shape, in reality
they are a lot more beautiful then in computer graphics.

I walked in amazement of "first snow", the wind is blowing
snow in my face but I don't care. I love that romantic feeling
walking alone in the snow, the world is asleep everything
is so peaceful. the snow is virgin in so many places makes
me feel special, "I'm the first person to walk here" I think
to myself, as a weird sense of proud fills my heart.

I noticed my footprints has a trail as the snow getting thicker,
this new revelation got me excited. I keep looking backward on
my footprints, I really like that trail.

I'm so calm as I walk, no rush the world is wearing it's wedding

Dunkin' donuts is right in front of me, "medium caramel latte"
I say to the girl at the window. "with ice?" she asks, and you
can see the humor glitter in her eyes. "no" I jump off but then
I got it. that had me smiling for a while. I waited and watched
the snow caught up in a whirlwind, the magic of it get to me as
I wish to be carried away on those wings, to be captured by the
love to someone without being able to resist. "how lucky they
are" I'm thinking "uhh someday..".

On the way back I see a street light with a naked tree hovering
above it, the snow and this soft orangy light made me wish I had
a camera to perpetuate that moment. it was so romantic that it
just drove me to write it down, just to share it with someone,
to keep it real so it won't fade away.

First time for me to share my inner thoughts and feelings like
that so please no mean comments,